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Aneta Garšicová

I would like to write a “review” about Jolana and her Nile Goddess, CZ international kennel.

Thank you so much for letting me take my beautiful Isiashko from you. When I came to Mrs Jolana it was really a fairy tale, a beautiful cat run, a big house and most of all lots of love. I had two kittens on the horizon and in the end it all turned out differently, the way it was supposed to be! I admire how she manages to keep up with it all, and that she is able to give them nonstop maximum!!! The cats are having a heavenly time there and I think they are all very content, happy and getting lots and lots of love. I would really like to thank you so much for letting me meet you, for taking my big monster home and for giving me lots of advice on how to take care of my pet.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my cat.

Aneta Garšicová

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