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Markéta Walachová

                  …thank you for entrusting Hubert to us, for her helpful and kind approach and the care she gives to all her cats. We are still in contact.

Jarmila Hrstková

                                       …if I would like another partner to Pepsinka, it would be only from Jolana and her kennel NILE GODDESS, CZ.

Beáta Búrová

               …all the kittens were so wonderful, I would have taken more if I could. When I handed over Xaila, Jolinka taught me how best to take care of her.

Monika Žilová

                  …We took home our sweetheart Aiden and a lot of wonderful experiences. If you want to get a pet like this, I can highly recommend this paradise.

Honza Matula

.          ..And so Freddy and I returned home to my brother. The boys have been together ever since. They’re a really inseparable duo who do incredibly stupid things together.

Diana Vanduchová

       …At first it seemed impossible to choose between the little, beautiful, savages. All the kittens were purring as soon as we took them in our arms. 

Aneta Garšicová

…I had two cats and it all turned out differently. Thank you so much for letting me take my beautiful Isiashko away from you.

Adéla Borovcová a Radek Farský 

…We have an excellent relationship and it is definitely not our last kitten from Nile Goddess, CZ

Jakub Rejman

…For me, it’s unbeatable that he cares about the offspring, even when they go out into the world. 

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